Daniel Papallo CA - WCOA Sydney 2018 | The Best Accounting Conference

International Convention Centre, Sydney Australia  |  5-8 November 2018

Daniel Papallo CA

Daniel Papallo CA

Global Planning & Finance Transformation Controller - Cochlear

About the Speaker

Daniel leads the global business planning process for Cochlear – a world leader in implantable hearing solutions, providing treatment for people with moderate to profound hearing loss.
Cochlear has a great history of growth and innovation. However Cochlear estimates that less than 5% of the 15 million people that could benefit from an implant are being treated. Cochlear’s challenge, and opportunity, is to find the right mix of initiatives and investments in research and development, clinical evidence, customer experience, awareness and access to reach these potential implant candidates.

To meet this challenge Daniel has embraced the escalating demands of the Finance function from scorekeeper to strategist and drawn on extensive experience across roles and industries. He has actively supported business responses to major disruption events, including the GFC, major regulatory changes and 9/11 at Macquarie and natural and operational challenges and a 5,000 FTE business transformation at Qantas.

Underneath it all Daniel is driven by a desire to use his skills to make a difference. He is a passionate advocate for developing a pro-bono framework in the accounting profession to ensure that the whole community can access the skills of the profession.

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