KICPA - WCOA Sydney 2018 | The Best Accounting Conference

International Convention Centre, Sydney Australia  |  5-8 November 2018


  • The KICPA was established in 1954 in accordance with what is now known as the CPA Act. The primary purpose of our organization is to heighten morality, improve and develop the functions of CPAs, and instruct and supervise our members. Our role has since evolved to include a much wider scope of objectives and activities.

    Our mission is to ensure the transparency of accounting information, which is key to achieving sustainable economic growth and advancing the capital market.

    The KICPA is the single largest organization for accounting professionals in Korea, boasting a membership of approximately 20,000 from 186 accounting firms as well as numerous public institutions and corporations. Our membership is showing robust growth by adding about 1,000 new members per year.

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